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         There has been a lot of confusion during the COVID shutdown and the various stages of reopening that followed. Many people are wondering if their local print shops are open. The best answer is a qualified, “Yes.” Read more

                  Association is a well-known marketing principle. In print, advertisers enjoy the same degree of trust as the newspapers or magazines in which their ads run. Read more

                        Association is a well-known marketing principle. In print, advertisers enjoy the same degree of trust as the newspapers or magazines in which their ads run. Read more

          Smartphones, computers, tablets and virtually every screen continually flood us with digital “noise.” Print content isn't competing with a feed of other brands. It is a standalone vehicle to which readers choose to devote their attention. Read more

          Pop-up ads that seem to know our personal internet history are everywhere, and “data hack” has become a regular part of our vocabulary. Trust is at a higher premium than ever. Recent studies show that consumers trust print more than any other medium. As Daniel Burstein, Senior Director of Co… Read more

          An advertorial is an editorial article designed to sell a product or service, increase brand awareness and connect with the reader on an emotional level. It can be tailored to any business and can help set you apart as an industry leader. Advertorials are highly effective for educating your … Read more

          We see it all the time. Businesses make the decision to funnel marketing dollars toward media they believe will provide leads. This in theory will reduce waste and only focus dollars for which a direct flow of business is generated. Makes sense, right? In fact, this can be a big mistake. Eve… Read more

            For many of us, social media is part of our daily lives. Therefore, as a business owner, it is important to have a searchable, easy-to-locate presence on social media platforms such as Facebook. From your page, you can keep viewers up-to-date with current information on things like specials,… Read more

            With the vast amount of information available online, some may wonder, “Do people still read print publications like the Penny Saver?” It’s with confidence we can say they do! We say this not only because of the phone calls, emails and kudos we regularly receive from our readers, but also du… Read more

            While most would consider advertisements placed in the paper to be the primary vehicle for getting a print marketing message out to consumers, there are a variety of other print vehicles that can be very effective depending on your objectives. Consider, inserts for example, which are standal… Read more

            We hear the question often: why use traditional media such as print when results can’t be tracked? While it is true print media’s forte is building trust and awareness, and while digital marketing is based heavily in data analytics, it is a common misconception to consider print media as una… Read more

            Here at the Genesee Valley Penny Saver, we still hear it on occasion:  “I ran an ad in your paper, and I didn’t get a single call.” Read more

            Many business owners wonder, “Is advertising worth the investment?” There are many things to consider when answering this question. Generally speaking, yes, it can be very effective when done well and in accordance with your overall marketing strategy. Read more

            Is print dead? The question echoes from the halls of half-abandoned libraries to lists of discounted magazine subscriptions. The truth is…it depends. It is tempting to group all kinds of publications into one category, yet while it is true that magazines, newspapers and community papers are … Read more

            Marketing will be one of the most important factors in the success of your business. So before you make some critical decisions, go ahead and ask us.