Here at the Genesee Valley Penny Saver, we still hear it on occasion:  “I ran an ad in your paper, and I didn’t get a single call.”

Gone are the days when getting your phone ringing was the only possible reader response to your advertising. Don’t be alarmed. While your customers may not be flooding your phone lines, they are taking action.

According to the National Retail Federation, consumers are most likely to start an online search after viewing a magazine ad. This means that the go-to reader response is no longer a telephone call. Therefore, we need a new way of quantifying reader response.  After running your ad, check the number of visits to your business website, for example. Instead of waiting by the phone, try looking at the number of online searches for your business name. While it is true that more and more consumers find businesses online, it is often what they see in print that drives their online searches and helps to get your business chosen over that of your competitor.

Think about it this way. Search engines and online marketplaces are highly competitive environments for businesses. When your customers search for products and services online, they are deciding within fractions of a second which links they’re going to select. Moments later, they are investigating these businesses and deciding with whom they will do business. This is where your print advertising is giving your business an advantage.

Print advertising is a strong medium for creating awareness and developing trust within your local communities. Recent studies show that readers trust print more than any other medium when making a purchase decision. This is hardly surprising since consumers are constantly confronted with data hacks, fake news and unethical data collection practices related to so much of what everyone does online. 

Being in print is not our only advantage here at GVPS, however. We know that, as with any successful relationship, trust is built over time. The Genesee Valley Penny Saver has been a trustworthy part our local communities for 70 years, and it reaches 98% of the homes and businesses within our circulation area. We deliver both trust and awareness which together create customer engagement and sales for our advertising businesses. Therefore, we at the GVPS can confidently say that yes, when done with excellence, print ads really do work.

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