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About Foxy Home Enhancement Llc

Customers Receive Maximum Value For Their Money! Respect and trust are key principles upon which the company is based. Foxy Home Enhancement's services are unique because of an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and high quality employees.  Visit   Phone Bill at (585)344-1118

When it comes to employees, Bill Fox, the owner of Foxy Home Enhancements, LLC, knows that the work crew of a company can make or break the customer experience. Consequently, he uses a thorough hiring process to ensure polite, well-trained, expert workers who can be trusted to do the job right. Bill is confident that any representative of Foxy Home Enhancements, LLC is a home improvements construction professional who will be “on top of the job” while serving your needs.

Foxy Home Enhancements, LLC has been in business many years, and Bill’s involvement in home remodeling goes back several decades. Even as a preteen, he enjoyed working around his parents’ home, building things out of wood. In high school, he took great pleasure in woodworking courses. After completing school, Bill gained experience working for many other contractors. And now, as a 15-year resident of the Batavia area, he brings to the home remodeling business an unparalleled commitment to quality work.

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