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Hamlin’s Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)/Prisoner of War (POW) site is one of only 377 WWII Prisoner of War Branch Camp sites in the US and is the second largest German POW camp in Western NY. One of the top ten historical sites of its kind in the country, the campsite is on part of Hamlin Beach State Park, located East of the Southern park entrance behind an old farmhous

Sarah Wilhelm has been the 4-H Resource Educator in Ontario County since June 2019, but she began her 4-H journey at age 14. She says, “I was just a horse-crazy kid who wanted to show at the State Fair.” To do so, Sarah’s parents signed her up for 4-H, knowing nothing more about 4-H other than horse showing. Once in the program, Sarah learned all of the other aspects and opportunities that were involved.

It’s almost Spring, and many young adults are getting ready to celebrate the time of year they will remember for a lifetime. Prom is an essential rite of passage for many American youths, but for countless teens, this important transition to adulthood is out of reach due to poverty.  Many low-income families today find the accessibility of incorporating an affordable dress, shoes, and accessories into their everyday budget as likely as a real-life Cinderella attending the ball after meeting her fairy Godmother. 

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