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The Fairport community is preparing to vote on the Fairport Central School District’s proposed capital improvement project, Fairport Forward: Foundations for the Future, on Tuesday, Dec. 10 at the Johanna Perrin Middle School gymnasium from 6 a.m. – 9 p.m. 

Highlights of the proposed $56.7 million Phase 1 Capital Improvement Project include:

         Secure entrances at each building and districtwide safety improvements

         Districtwide infrastructure maintenance and boiler replacements

         Technology rooms renovation at Johanna Perrin Middle School

         Science classroom upgrades at Fairport High School and Martha Brown Middle School

         Reconfigured bus loop and student drop-off/ pick-up at Jefferson Avenue School

         Cafeteria and gymnasium renovation at Fairport High School

         New corridor and lockers at Fairport High School

•         Multi-purpose fields at Fairport High School for physical education and athletics

With 77.9% of the cost delivered through New York State aid, the impact on the average property of $200,000 is an estimated $45 a year. This impact is for a period of 15 years during which the debt is paid and state building aid is received.

On the Ballot:

         Proposition #1 is the proposed capital project

         Proposition #2 is the capital building reserve fund

To learn more information about this project, visit: fairportcapitalprojects.org/about-2019-project

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