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Wearing Two Hats – Business Owner and Minister in our COVID World

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COVID-19 has ignited emotions which are first-time experiences for many of us. For business owners, taking care of their own family, staff, and customers is a tall order. One local business owner leans on his background as a minister at this time in our lives.

Randy Henderson, President of Henderson Ford on Ridge Road, is also a minister. He has found great value in using his minister background in the business world, and especially at this point in time of our world crisis.

Henderson finds his current connection to staff and customers like most business leaders today, with a focus on safety and personal well being. Sanitation and continual information flow are important success factors as COVID-19 is battled. Sanitation practices continue to change and so must the information being shared. 

Henderson said, “Our most recent change  is in the wearing of masks by all of our staff working directly with customers, per the Governor‘s announcement on Sunday. This has sent us scrambling to find masks through our own Service Department supply, from the New York State and the Rochester Automobile Dealers Associations, and reaching out to local resources. Our staff has accepted these changing practices amazingly well. We keep in touch through face-to-face meetings and email. Even those who are furloughed still receive our communications. And we continue to provide council as they seek available sources of compensation.”

Henderson went on to add, “I pray for our staff multiple times during every day - - before this crisis and throughout this crisis. I ask for God‘s covering and care for those around us. I rely on God‘s spirit to lead me. This gives me peace.”

Listening before giving direction is a success factor as well. Every employee presents a unique way to express emotions, so listening provides the foundation to respond appropriately. Sensitivity and risk varies from individual-to-individual.

Henderson offered, “Keep assuring those around you that this too shall pass, be strong as we weather the storm together and work toward getting to the other side. Spend time with your staff in encouragement meetings.”

Recommendations from Henderson include connecting with your business associations, “We have relied upon the Rochester Automobile Dealers Association, which is plugged into Albany and Washington,  Rochester Chamber of Commerce, Webster Chamber of Commerce, CPAs, and the NY State Automobile Dealers Association. However, the most important advice is to develop or enhance your relationship with God. In times of crisis, we look for powers beyond ourselves. Practice faith above fear while being practical and mindful of the experts.”

In addition to being a Ford Dealer, Henderson has been a minister for the past decade, through the Church of Love Faith Center. He has worked with male inmates and more recently, as a Chaplain, working with local police and other first responders.


Located at 810 Ridge Road in Webster, Henderson Ford is part of a rich Ford tradition which has been serving the greater Rochester area for more than 40 years. The Henderson family has served Webster and its neighboring communities for the past 22 years. The dealership has been a leader in government sales in New York State and in the nation. Also, Henderson Ford was in the Top 10 of the Rochester Top 100 twice – holding the number 2 and number 9 positions in recent years. Once again, Ford Motor Company recognized the dealership in their 2019 Salute to Dealers awards as one of sixty-five international awardees, honoring their community service work. This award places Henderson in the top one percent in the world in recognition for community service work with Ford Motor Company dealers. Locally, Henderson Ford was nominated by the public and earned a top-three placement in the Best Auto Dealer Service Department category in Rochester and was honored at the Rochester Business Journal Reader Rankings Awards.

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