Saving Fuel

ROCHESTER, WEBSTER, N.Y - Fuel economy/efficiency is the capacity of an engine, typically in a vehicle, and how well that fuel is converted into useful work/travel. Vehicles that are more fuel efficient can drive farther, increasing the miles per gallon (mpg) earned. These fuel efficient vehicles use less gas and oil, which helps reduce pollution emissions as well as saving money.

 Henderson Ford at 810 Ridge Road in Webster recommends these actions to get the best mileage and fuel efficiency from your vehicle:

 WATCH YOUR SPEED– Going the speed limit can help cut your fuel use. Slow acceleration and anticipated gradual stops/starts at lights and signs will benefit your fuel efficiency. This will help in the moment by not wasting your current gas and in the long term by not pushing your engine functions.

 PAY ATTENTION TO EXTRA ITEMS– Take a look at what items you are carrying in your vehicle; the extra weight can decrease your fuel economy. Also, drag is reduced when you put bigger items inside your car or trunk versus on a roof rack.

 DON'T LET YOUR CAR SIT IDLE– You burn more fuel if you let your vehicle sit for more than a minute in park rather than turning it off and restarting. It isn't recommended to let your vehicle sit in park with the engine running for fuel efficiency considerations or when using the heat/air conditioning.

 CONSIDER ALTERNATE TRAVEL Using ride sharing, walking, or biking are ways to spend less money at the gas pump. If you are looking for a new vehicle, there are many fuel-efficient options including hybrids and electric cars.

 CHECK YOUR VEHICLE CONDITIONS– Make sure to keep up with the maintenance of your vehicle's needs by checking: tire pressure, oil, brakes, etc. When your tires are properly inflated and your car is properly serviced, it will give you better mileage

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