Being a Caregiver is a very hard, stressful, demanding job whether it be for a family member or in a professional capacity. The physical, emotional and financial consequences for the family caregiver can be very overwhelming. If you know someone who is a Caregiver, consider offering to sit with their loved one so they can have a couple hours to themselves. Give them the opportunity to go out to lunch or have coffee with a friend, do some unhurried shopping, pamper themselves at the hairdresser or barbershop or take a relaxing bath. Just let them get away and take some time for themselves. If this is not possible, offer to do the grocery shopping, take items to the dry cleaners, help with the house cleaning, shovel the driveway or whatever would be helpful. Caregivers often feel isolated and lonely. Just being there for the caregiver, who is giving all of themselves to the one they are caring for, is so important.   

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