To the person who vented about a medical scooter in the road: while the sidewalks may have been plowed, they are also very badly uneven. Cracks, whether from wear or roots can stop mobility equipment abruptly, sending the user over the handlebars. Often, ramps to get onto and off of the sidewalk also have tall lips. People on a fixed income, such as the disabled often are, may not be able to afford reflective vests and lights. Rather than demanding the disabled stay home, why don’t you contact the town for better maintenance and lighting for the sidewalks, and perhaps keep reflective items in your car to give to a disabled person who does not have them?

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There is an RTS bus that has fees that cost less (even free) than reflective vests that comes to Le Roy daily. They have licensed and trained drivers, to help those in wheelchairs, to give you a lift from your destination to your home. It is much safer and warmer too. Please do not travel on the roadway, it is too dangerous for you or contact DSS to arrange for transportation for you. There are many volunteers who will help you with your transportation needs. But on the roadway with your medical scooter, is not the best choice.

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