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 Who We Are: As We Grow, which has been in business for many years, has been under the visionary leadership of Jeannine Fiore for nearly 10 years. Locally owned and operated, customers receive the personal service and attention they deserve.

What We Do: We create that “new store” feel for our customers at As We Grow. We work hard to give you the smoothest and most rewarding shopping experience. I get to truly know my customers, their children and their tastes. I take the time to make recommendations, set items aside and build those ongoing relationships.

We’re Unique:

  • We carry a wide range of children’s clothing from New Born to size 14.
  • Yes, we have maternity clothes!
  • Need cleats, shin guards or dance shoes? We offer items for activities, as available.
  • No more time-consuming digging! Everything is very well organized and visible.
  • Looking for new reads? We have books, too.
  • We always have a sale rack so you don’t have to worry about stickers and colors.


You May Not Know: Kids can have their own accounts. They can clean out their rooms, bring in their items and make some money, with their parents’ permission, of course!

What’s New: You can always find something new at As We Grow! We are very particular about what we accept from our consignors, and you will be amazed at the quality and variety of our items. Stop by our consignment shop to see what we have in stock!

Where to Find Us: As We Grow, 200 South Main Street, Canandaigua, NY 14424

 P: 585.394.1982, W:, Find us on FB!

Thank you to all our loyal customers in the Canandaigua community and beyond for your ongoing support. We would like to encourage everyone to shop Local. You make all the difference!


Your Friend at As We Grow,

Jeannine Fiore

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