DC Hauling, Excavating & Snowplowing

“DC Makes it EASY!”

The Genesee Valley Penny Saver honors this week's

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DC Hauling Excavating

& Snowplowing

Business Description:

• Residential and commercial landscape material delivery

• Gravel driveway installation and repair

• Excavation services, including grading and pond digging

• Snowplowing

Business History:

• Started March 5, 2012 when Heather and Daniel saw an ad for a dump truck that was priced so reasonably that it had to be too good to be true.

• They drove to Pennsylvania and purchased the truck, which has been hauling stone ever since.


• We pride ourselves on being one of the only female-owned local construction businesses.

• Senior and military discounts


• Owner: Heather Colella

• Director of Construction: Daniel Colella


• To continue to provide exceptional customer service, impeccable work standards and attention to detail.

• To find new and industrious ways to continue to give back to our community, help our neighbors and local economy, while striving to make as small of an environmental footprint as possible.

• To obtain credentialing through NYS to become a certified female-owned business which will allow me to continue to grow my business, since all other forms of financial assistance have fallen through, including a loan through the local Economic Development Agency in Orleans County.

Contact Information:

• Address: 16530 4th Section Road Holley, NY 14479

• Phone: 585-204-7625

• E-mail address: dc_haulingllc@yahoo.com

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