Who We Are: For 15 years, Professional Hearing Solutions has

been owned and operated by Dr. Christine Stein, an

audiologist with over 25 years’ experience.

Professional Hearing Solutions has been helping

neighbors assist and maintain their hearing health

in the communities surrounding Victor and Newark

for the past 15 years.

What We Do: We provide a relaxed, comfortable, professional

environment to evaluate our patients’ hearing

issues and help explore the solutions available to

them. Hearing devices have evolved considerably

from basic technology models resembling a gob of

silly putty. Aids are no longer obvious,

uncomfortable or low tech. Today’s hearing devices

can be smart technology, small and nearly invisible.

We’re Unique:

• We service multiple areas, including Monroe,

Ontario and Wayne Counties.

• We provide comprehensive, diagnostic hearing tests

and rehabilitation.

•· We offer technology from a wide variety of

manufacturers so that we can match you with the

best solution for your unique hearing health needs.

•· Our technology includes a 3-year repair and loss

warranty, 3-year battery supply if needed and 5

years of unlimited hearing device service and office

visits with us.

What’s New: The technology coming out for modern hearing aids

is incredible! Some hearing devices can connect

directly to other devices, such as cellphones,

televisions and tablets, via Bluetooth technology.

The hearing aids can be programmed depending on

your environment, remember locations and switch

programs automatically, translate languages (yeah,

that’s right!) and even be adjusted remotely from

your Audiologist’s office wherever you are.

You May Not Know: Hearing devices require routine maintenance and

may need adjustment. Hearing devices are regularly

exposed to environmental debris, moisture, hair,

dead skin cells and earwax. It is important to have

them cleaned and checked every three months as

scheduled and whenever there are any changes

or concerns.

Where to Find Us:

Professional Hearing Solutions

Victor: 1331 East Victor Road, Victor, NY 14564

P. 585-398-1210

Newark: 513 West Union St.,

Cannery Row Plaza, Newark, NY 14513

P: 315-573-7844

E. tsteffens@professionalhearingsolutions.com,

Like us on FB!

We listen more…To help you hear better!



Dr. Christine Stein, AuD


Toni Steffens

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