Vern Vallance Septic Service, Inc.
Who We Are:
Vern Vallance Septic Service has been in business for 25 years, owned and operated by us, the Tobey Family, since 1994.
What We Do:
We offer maintenance services such as septic tank cleaning (including locating, digging and recovering of the cleanout covers), riser installation, baffle replacement, hydro-jetting services (cleans sludge out of leach lines),
septic system inspections for real estate closings, and bacteria additives.
We’re Unique:
• We service multiple areas, including Monroe, Livingston, Genesee, Ontario and Wayne Counties.
• Our service technicians have over 74 years combined experience and are always willing to share their expertise and explain septic system functions, problems and solutions.
• We offer prompt, courteous, high quality service at a fair price. You are our #1 priority.
• We also provide emergency septic services.
What’s New:
We are adding a new truck to our fleet and will have it in service for the spring of 2019.
You May Not Know:
The New York State Department of Health states a septic system should be serviced every 2-3 years. This involves pumping out the septic tank, cleaning and washing it down, checking for cracks and making sure the baffles are securely attached. Tanks must be pumped out so sludge does not flow out into the leach lines. Like an oil change on a car, this routine maintenance helps keep your septic system working properly.
Where to Find Us:
Vern Vallance Septic Service, Inc.
989 Honeoye Falls #6 Road,
Rush, New York 14543
Find us on Facebook: /VernVallanceSepticService
The holidays are just around the corner!
Is your septic system ready?


Scott and Roger Tobey
Leslie, Julie & Bonnie Tobey
Steve Berg & Brian Glenn


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