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Phil West of West's Wildlife

Who We Are: Owner Phil West has humanely worked with wildlife since 2013. His degree in Wildlife Management as well as his lifelong interest in the outdoors, trapping and repair work have well-equipped him for helping others with their wildlife removal and management concerns.

What We Do: We specialize in the removal and prevention of nuisance wildlife, nuisance wildlife control, wildlife habitat management, including hunting and recreational properties. We’re Unique: • We humanely remove nuisance animals. • Consultations regarding Wildlife Habitats are always available. • We specialize in Food Plot design, creation & management • Certified Herbicide Spraying is now available. • Professional Repairs help prevent return of nuisance wildlife. • 24 Hour Emergency Service is always just a phone call away!

What’s New: We plan to add another full time person in 2019. We also built a new office in Conesus, and we became certified to spray herbicides this past year.

You May Not Know: Regardless of the scale of one’s wildlife concern, we are typically able to solve the issue quickly. Some of our clients have experienced difficulties with squirrels or bats in their homes for 10-20 years before calling us. Within a week, we have been able to solve the problem. This includes removing the animals, completing repair work to make certain those animals cannot come back via  their old routes and preventing potential  wildlife access in future.

Where to Find Us: West Wildlife, P.O. Box 19, Conesus, NY, 14435 P. 585.208.4547. E. W.

 We truly appreciate the community support we have received. Thank you for recommending us to your friends and neighbors. 


Phil West

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