Community-wide Resource for Health Insurance Enrollment (Webster Chamber of Commerce)

The Webster Chamber offers no-cost health insurance enrollment for individuals, families, and businesses. Chamber membership is not required.  Seated (left) is Diana Singer, owner of two day care centers, Kids First Childcare Inc., located in Brighton and Webster and (right) Barry Howard, Webster Chamber CEO.

November 15 – December 15 ensures January 1 coverage without penalty

Rochester, Webster, Penfield, Fairport, Pittsford, Brighton, Victor, Wayne, NY:  We are all effected by the changes in health care insurance.  One positive change over the last couple of years has been the expansion of available health insurance enrollment services from the Webster Chamber of Commerce.  The most notable is the removal of a membership requirement to get enrolled in health insurance through the Webster Chamber.

Webster Chamber of Commerce President Barry Howard stated, “You used to have to belong to the Chamber to come to us for assistance with health insurance enrollment, Not anymore. Any individual, family, business, or organization can use our services, which includes dental insurance. We can offer plans from every insurance carrier serving the nine county-Rochester region, including Excellus, Fidelis, MVP Healthcare, and a number of dental plans.  Plans are offered ON and OFF the NY State of Health Exchange (which is the only place to obtain tax credits, premium subsidies, and Child Health Plus).  After a 30-minute meeting, we will have your enrollment complete and submitted for 2018.”

All of the changes within the health insurance industry has frustrated and confused people. Most people want to be able to select the best health insurance coverage at the best price, with a realistic match to their health situation and personal budget.

NY State Health Insurance Brokers know how health insurance works. They are licensed by the State and are certified as Brokers on the NY State of Health Exchange.  Annual education and testing is required to earn this license and certification.

“Health insurance coverage is comparable from plan-to-plan. What varies are the deductibles and co-insurances.  Additionally, there are options in the coverage of children, which can save you hundreds of dollars per month, without having to qualify by your income, said Howard. Subsidies are available for families of four making less than $97,000 per year, too. All insurance plans are priced the same regardless of where you go to enroll – the Chamber offers every plan from every local carrier at the lowest available price.”

Enrollment from November 15 to December 15 will provide you with January 1, 2018 health insurance coverage. Call Barbara at the Chamber to schedule an appointment: 585-265-3960. This service is local, free and easy to access.  View a short video:

ABOUT Webster Chamber of Commerce

The Webster NY Chamber of Commerce is a membership organization that is the voice of business in the Webster community. We are a non-governmental organization comprised primarily of business members. Our membership comes from the Webster New York economic footprint and is comprised of Fortune 500 corporations, generations old family businesses, service companies, retail (large and small) and sole proprietors of every type.The Chamber has offered the health insurance brokerage service since 1938, including dental coverage.

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