Luscious fragrances wafted up South Main Street from the several food trucks lining either side of the street. Present were familiar favorites such as “Cheesed and Confused” and “Macarollin’” and others that were perhaps less familiar such as “East Coast Toast” and “Le Petit Poutine.” In total, over a dozen trucks and food stands offered everything from meatball dishes to wraps to sushi to kettle corn. Further down the street, cordoned off and monitored for age appropriate entrance, was Thirsty’s Beer Garden section close to the music stage. While certainly available for the enjoyment of adult festival goers, this area did not at all conflict with the festival’s overall family-friendly atmosphere.

                Bands performed, free of charge, on this stage at the northern end of the street, sending mellow tunes throughout the festival. Tables and chairs provided seating between the food trucks, and several rows of chairs provided seating closer to the stage, as well. Several town benches provided respite just outside of the event’s hustle and bustle where visitors could take a moment to regroup, particularly those visitors with small children.  In fact, much of the festival seemed to have been planned with families in mind.

                In the Children’s Area off the to the west of South Main Street, two carnival-style, children’s rides, one shaped like bowls and one like dragons, were whirling and welcoming one and all to the delight of the children. These rides were also free of charge to the delight of their parents. A carnival rope ladder challenge and an inflatable slide, also free of charge, completed the children’s amusements. The rides were quick and just long enough to thrill the children while keeping the lines short and moving swiftly. Smiling faces were everywhere, some peeping out from under balloon hats which came from the Farmer’s Market Area, featuring Willard Farms, to the east of South Main Street. This area also boasted such children’s activities as balloon animals and creations, again free of charge.

                Having several free activities for the children truly made it feel as though the Town of Pittsford, along with its Event Partners and Supporters, really cared about providing a great weekend event that all the families in their community and neighboring communities could enjoy. Knowing that fun for the little ones was thought of and provided for is heartwarming. At this festival, it wasn’t just the lemonade that was refreshing.

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