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Reverend Hotchkiss Retires as Hospice Volunteer Chaplain After 26 Years

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Reverend Hotchkiss receives well-deserved recognition for his service to the community

Reverend Hotchkiss receives well-deserved recognition for his service to the community

Livingstone County Hospice has collaborated with many community partners and Livingston County residents to provide services to the community throughout the years. In addition to physical and social support, Hospice provides spiritual support to patients and their families. When it comes time for patients to receive Hospice care, they often start to reflect on life and spiritual needs. The Volunteer Chaplain plays a vital role in assisting the patient and family in exploring and validating the patient’s and family’s beliefs and values to foster and nourish spiritual well-being.
 The Hospice patients and family have been blessed to have Reverent Hotchkiss to rely on for 26 years. His kind words and willingness to share God’s grace along with support to every person, no mater their belief, is what has made this man so well respected and trusted. He has been there to listen to the patients, hear family stories, concerns, and share in their joys because of his belief that there is great healing from being heard He has supported the patient and their family in making, or moving through difficult decisions, and to help them better cope with the challenges of end of life. As a Navy veteran, he can connect with veterans on a personal level. It has been his desire to serve God, family, neighbor, community and country.
 Reverend Hotchkiss served in the U.S. Navy. Upon his return from the U.S. Navy in 1956, he became employed at Holcolm Agway. His 22 ½ years of employment at Agway allowed him to be introduced to and to enjoy families from the surrounding area. In 1978, he made a career change to the ministry which included two Livingston County churches, He served the Scottsburg United Methodist Church for 40 years, along with Conesus United Church for 28 ½ years. In July of 2017, Reverend Hotchkiss officially retired from being appointed to specific churches; however, his ministry goes on. He continues to serve on the UMC Genesee Valley District Council and served 26 years as Volunteer Chaplain for Livingston County Hospice. He has been acknowledged for his service, including the Harry Denman Evangelism Award, and Rotary’s Paul Harris Fellow.
 “Livingston County Hospice is grateful for the kind, compassionate spiritual care that Reverend Hotchkiss has provided to Hospice patients and their families over the past 25 years,” said Kathy Root, Director of Patient Services and the Hospice Program. “He has touched many lives and for that, we are eternally grateful. Thank you for your service to Hospice and all the families you have touched.”
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