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Good Nutrition During the Holidays: What’s on your plate?

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Carving Turkey Generic

Carving Turkey Generic

             We are approaching the high sugar, high fat, and high salt season, also known as “Holidays”. Trying to stay on a budget and trying to keep a healthy eating pattern can be a challenge. It is common to hear participants say that when holidays come, they probably will not follow the Dietary Guidelines. Nevertheless, one idea to still get the minimum amount of fruits and vegetables during the day, is to get fresh fruits and vegetables that are in season, which will likely be at lower prices. The Rochester Public Market is one of the best options.

             To help families stick to their budget and have healthy meals during the holidays, SNAP-Ed Connection and the USDA have created a variety of healthy recipes. You can find Healthy Thrifty Holiday Menus here:

             You can also save money by using canned goods. Though, you will need to be careful with your salt intake. Plan on buying ‘low sodium’ or ‘no salt added’ canned goods. They will help you to save some money and eat more veggies during the day. Frozen veggies are also a good option.

             It is important to enjoy our food, but it is also important to set some limits. For this matter, we need to look at what we eat. Everyone can enjoy a fizzy drink without all the added sugar, like trying seltzer water with 100% juice. This will give you the fizzy sensation, but has natural sugars and vitamins, so you would skip consuming all the empty calories of a regular soda.

             Try adding fruits to your recipes instead of sugar. This way, you will have more natural sugars than added sugars. It is also important to limit the amount of fat. Try lean meats and low fat percentage ground meat. Or try ground turkey and ground chicken instead!

             The way we cook also makes a difference, so plan on baking, broiling, and steaming instead of frying foods. For more, tips we suggest taking a look at, - Make Healthier Holiday Choices.

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