Our Beautiful Woodward Library of LeRoy

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Our Beautiful Woodward Library of LeRoy

             The Woodward library sets itself apart from other libraries in Western New York with its beauty and magnificence. With its Greek Neoclassical design, when you view the Woodward Library from afar, it looks like the stately buildings of the late 19th century. The Woodward Library was built on May 29th, 1930, but the Neoclassicists were trying to revive the architecture of ancient Greece. The Woodward Library, located on 7 Wolcott Street in LeRoy, still has the earmarks of Neoclassicalism in its architecture.

             At the time, it was all the rage to imitate ancient Greek design, and nowhere is this more telling and relevant than the Woodward Library building with its Doric columns which holds this fantastic piece of architecture up and gives it good support. In fact, the white marble columns seem to shine and radiate like a precious diamond. Every time one walks up the steps of this great library, one also feels as though one is about to walk into an ivy league institution; it’s really that special.

             Once inside the Woodward Library, one encounters a helpful and courteous staff which will assist you with finding a book, a DVD, a cd or an audiobook; offer assistance in using the computers and offer guests the opportunity to take part in a fun skill group. There’s also a movie night at the Woodward Library for those interested; movies are shown once a month. However, if for those who just want to take their time reading the newspaper, a cup of hot coffee or tea is available for just one dollar as they sit in a comfortable chair and just read and read to their heart’s content.

             One can also peruse the library’s used book collection which is quite good. If that's not enough, the Woodward Library also sponsors a used book sale every July during the Oatka Festival. This used book sale is hugely popular.

             The director of the Woodward Library is Betsy Halvorsen who does an amazing job, and so does the rest of the staff at the Woodward Library. The Woodward Library is such a great asset to the community of Leroy. It hosts and sponsors special events such as desserts in the stacks. For those looking to enhance their intellectual capabilities by being that curious lifelong learner and those who would rather simply sit back in a comfortable chair and read the newspaper or a magazine—dozens of magazines from Field and Stream to the New Yorker—while drinking a hot cup of coffee or tea, come to the Woodward Library.