The Busy Moms’ Guide to an AWESOME First Day of School

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             Getting your child ready for the first day of school can be challenging for even the most experienced moms and dads. Use these great tips for stress-free, first day success you can celebrate all week long.


  • Forget your school supply list? Many stores now have them available by school & grade.
  • Audit your child’s clothes closet and make a list.
  • Buy the bulk of your child’s back-to-school clothes in October to get the best deals.
  • Always have extras of everything; try packing extra outfits in gallon-size freezer bags.
  • We love it:Have your child leave his or her backpack out the night before the first day of school, and have the backpack fairy leave school or art supplies, a new lunch box, a new book or shirt, or maybe even a cool new backpack decoration by morning!


  • Set earlier bedtimes. A full 8+ hours of sleep improves health, focus and overall wellbeing.
  • Keep your kids reading fresh materials at a regularly scheduled reading time. Join in, too!
  • Review your child’s upcoming school routine with him or her and any childcare providers.
  • Meet your child’s teacher and set a preferred method of communication.
  • We love it: Spend a little extra one-on-one time with each child this week. Pick one item from your summer bucket list and check it off together.


  • Choose an ideal space, possibly by the front door.
  • Create a Master Calendar and avoid overscheduling.
  • Assign spots to your child’s backpack, shoes and coat.
  • Secure babysitters for last-minute emergencies.
  • Create a daily homework space.


  • Fill out all forms, such as immunization forms and permission slips, by the previous week.
  • Keep a planner with a separate folder for each child’s paperwork.
  • Clean out children’s backpacks daily.
  • We love it: Consider giving an interest questionnaire to your child’s teachers to help you pick up some little Thank you treats for them throughout the year.


  • Select all of your and your child’s outfits for the week.
  • We love it: Plan a fun evening activity for the first day that your kids will look forward to.
  • Meal prep as much as possible with lunch-size portions of fruits and snacks and get kids involved in assembling their lunches.
  • We love it: Write weekly meals on a chalkboard; let each child choose one of the meals.
  • Prep make-ahead frozen breakfasts for easy, warm-and-go mornings.
  • Throw a buffet dinner with your child’s favorite foods to celebrate the first day of school.
  • We love it: Use a sandwich cookie cutter to press your child’s sandwiches into bit-size cubes!


  • Get yourself ready first.
  • Have children make their beds.
  • We love it: Decorate your child’s door with streamers and balloons. They’ll walk out like a sports player or Rockstar!
  • Make sure breakfast includes some protein.
  • Use a timer to stay on pace as you get ready. Set a “Ten minute” and a “Leave now” bell.
  • Make that first lunch special with fun treats, labels and tags.
  • We love it: Write cheerful messages on the sidewalk for your child to read along the way!
  • Don’t forget your First Day of School photo!
  • Leave 7 minutes early.
  • We love it: Leave encouraging notes in your child’s lunch box. Write your own or try adorable pre-printed ones:
Pre-Printed Lunchbox Notes


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