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It isn’t easy transitioning your workspace from a work-centered office to your family-focused home. These tips help make your work-from-home experience a little less stressful.

· Think ABC’s: Audio, Boundaries, Consistency.

· Audio: Choose a space that will be less impacted by the noise of daily life. A spare room, bedroom, basement or even corner of the garage if it’s insulated. It is ideal if you can shut the door, but if you cannot, consider “natural boundaries” like walls, furniture and different floors of the home which will help reduce distracting sounds.

· Boundaries: Define your workspace and work materials, plainly defining what is off-limits to children. Clear physical space boundaries work best with young children, a door, room, rug or bookshelf operating as a visual boundary line. Keep breakables out of reach of curious little hands and remember that boundaries often have to be repeated.

· Consistency: Do your best to work in the same space at the same times every day. Children thrive on routines, and it helps them to act appropriately as they know what to expect, where to be and also importantly, where not to be.

· Delays: Be prepared to add in D for Delays every now and then, as well. Changes in routine are challenging for everyone. Be patient with yourself and your children as you navigate this new normal together.


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