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To speak with someone please call (866) 812-8111 or email us at Sales@GVPennySaver.com - Print display advertising differs from classified advertising in that display ads:· Usually include text and pictures/logos· Are designed free of charge by a member of our Creative Team or submitted as a pdf· Range in width from 1-4 columns wide· Must be a minimum of 2 column inches overall· Are priced by the column inch (classified ads are priced by the # of words) Note: Only Display ads are accepted for our Employment, Auction & Antique, and Home & Garden Sections

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Thank you for choosing Genesee Valley Penny Saver! Please complete the form below and a member of our Sales Department will contact you. You can contact us at Sales@GVPennySaver.com or Toll Free at (866) 812-8111 New to advertising with us? Get pricing, rate information and more! View our Advertise with us page.


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