Free Print Event Qualifications

All events are posted online free of charge.
To qualify for possible FREE inclusion in our print publications, your event must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be a non-profit or charitable organization. You may include your non-profit ID number in the comments section when submitting an Event. We will remove this from your event's description before it is placed live on our website.
  • If the organization does not provide a tax exempt number – but it is a church, legion, school fundraiser, a motorcycle dice run or a fundraiser for someone who needs help or any organization that supports another nonprofit organization, their events will also be reviewed and considered for free inclusion in the print publications.

*Please keep in mind that events are included only as space allows. 

When submitting a non-profit event online, please select the category non-profit and this will trigger our staff to review your ad for possible inclusion in print.

Genesee Valley Publications reserves the right to edit the event description for print and select (or approve/reject) events for publication.