Can you be cool with sunglasses and jeans?

Do you have to have money and always be lean?

Do clothes make the kid, or the kid make the clothes?

Do you have to wear labels from your head to your toes?

Is macho the thing, is it okay to cry?

Can a person be sober or must you be high?

Do you have to act older, or just act your age?

Are Nike and Hollister still all the rage?

Does each little clique think their group is cool?

If so, then there must be more than one rule.

Can anyone learn? Does it happen at birth?

Does it matter at all how much you are worth?

Is it being cool to cause someone pain?

If you leave someone out, what do you gain?

Can’t we like people for their beauty inside?

Can’t we accept someone, just because they tried?

Why do we judge and put people on trial?

It should be enough to be nice and smile.

Cool can hurt, cool can be fun,

But cool shouldn’t isolate anyone.

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