Celtic wisdom teaches us that there are thin places where the curtain that separates our world and the spiritual one becomes but a sheer veil. Such thin places are something long-time Canandaigua resident Jeanne Crane has explored and experienced deeply, both in Ireland where her new novel takes place and in her own hometown of Canandaigua, the lakes and rolling, green hills of which often remind her of the Irish countryside. In fact, in Crane’s newly released novel, Amidst the Stones of Celtic Ireland, it is in Southwestern Ireland that lovers Abby and Mark find themselves surrounded by Celtic mystery, miracle, mysticism and magic.
              A former Program Director at Finger Lakes Community College and a successful Organizational and Leadership Development Coach and Consultant, Jeanne Crane was at last able to transform her love of travel, especially to Ireland, into a new career as a writer, presenter and workshop facilitator once she retired. Travel to Ireland gave her the opportunity to develop her passion for the stone circles of Celtic lands and explore Celtic thin places in Ireland all the while immersing herself in Celtic spirituality, lore and wisdom. Crane has also learned much about the history of Ireland, particularly the history surrounding Neolithic sites and other ruins.
             Jeanne Crane’s Amidst the Stones of Celtic Ireland creates an alluring balance between the earth and beyond, the physical and the spiritual, the feminine and the masculine with grounded Mark seeking out lighthouses and sensitive Abby drawn to stone circles, ancient Celtic church ruins and the voices that call to her. Crane’s intoxicating mix of history and drama, realism and intrigue will have readers at once pondering the Mother/Divine Feminine, ancient religion, local myth and history while at the same time relishing every luscious detail of Abby and Mark’s relationship as it unfolds. A timely novel, Jeanne Crane’s latest work explores the concept of sovereignty - of the land, of women, of communities and countries.
             Amidst the Stones of Celtic Ireland is Jeanne Crane’s second novel. She has also written, Celtic Spirit: A Wee Journey to the Heart of It All, and a series of pictorial travel books:  Snapshots of Ireland: Pictures and Notes on Travel - Cork - Kerry - Clare and Limerick - Galway and the Aran Islands. All of her books are available on Amazon and locally at the Cheshire Farms Creamery book rack in Canandaigua. Jeanne Crane continues to pursue her interests in sharing Celtic stories. “Passion for the Stone Circles of Celtic Lands” is the topic of her presentation at the Victor Library next January.  It is the first in a series of presentations and book signings being planned for Spring 2019. She is also starting a new blog on her website, JeanneCrane.com, discussing these Celtic themes. Jeanne Crane’s relatable characters and first-hand descriptions of Ireland bring a magical Celtic experience to every reader’s fingertips.

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