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             Meeting your pet’s  nutritional needs is one  of the most important  ways you care for your  furry friend. It may  surprise you, then, to  learn that around 70% of  pets are eating the wrong  pet food every day, and a  staggering 60% of pets  are overweight. Weight  and other health  concerns could all be  related to your pet’s diet.  Many pet owners do their best to buy the right pet food for their  four-legged companions, but many are unaware of the poor-quality  ingredients too often found in these products.

             Low-Quality Ingredient Watch List

             Chicken:  This is problematic when a single, meat ingredient is 80  percent water, losing most of its weight during processing and likely  falling to the third or fourth ingredient.

             Corn, Wheat, Soy:  Cheap fillers, these can lead to obesity, diabetes,  allergies and poor digestion.

             Animal Digest:  This could be from any animal source, some of  which are too disgusting to mention.

             Meat By-product Meal:  This could be anything. Parts are parts.

             Beef Tallow:  This is generally low in linoleic acid, essential for your  pet’s skin and coat.

             What type of food is nutritionally better for my pet? A raw diet is ideal for pets such as dogs and cats. Of the three  broad types of pet food: kibble, canned food and raw diet, raw diet  is how dogs and cats naturally eat, with digestive systems designed  for raw meat consumption. Yet, too often, we feed them foods that  are heavily processed, cooking out most nutrients.    

             Unlike these processed foods, a raw diet contains essential,  natural bacteria and enzymes and is comprised of a very highly  digestible protein and a very low amount of carbohydrates which  often cause major obesity problems in pets. Raw diet foods are now  available in convenient fresh, frozen and dehydrated varieties. This  higher-quality pet food, which may sometimes be costlier, is an  expense that typically balances out as pets usually require less food  to meet their nutritional needs and is likely to result in savings on  vet visits and health costs. A raw diet also often improves appetite  and digestion, results in allergy relief, helps provide a vibrant skin  and coat, stimulates healthy teeth and gums, provides greater  stamina and vitality, and encourages a healthy immune system.

             How can I create a better diet for my pet? Entering our 25th year, Pet Saver emphasizes feeding your pets  the most nutritious foods available. We carry several, excellent  brands of natural and alternative pet food, such as Orijin, Acana,  Country Naturals, Zignature, NutriSource, Earthborn, Primal,  Stella and Chewy’s among many others. We have solutions for  many pet nutrition concerns, and a brief discussion with us can help  you find a better pet food. Our educated associates can help you  create a nutritional diet to meet your pet’s unique needs based on  age, breed, health concerns and activity level.  Visit us today at one of our four locations: Webster, Brighton,  Greece and our newest addition complete with a pet treat bakery,  Victor, Mon-Sat: 9am-9pm, Sun: 10am-6pm.

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