Our Sweepstakes Winners

We want to give a huge thank you to all our advertisers and participants. We recieved thousands of entries to our contest, our 100+ winners are below. If you are one of our MANY winners keep a look at your mailbox for your gift certificate!

Alise R. – Star Pest Control
Andrea K. – M&G Seamless Gutters
Barb G. – Lakestreet Florist
Barbara L. – Mack of All Trades
Becky A. – Chesley’s Auto
Betty D. – New Way Equipment
Betty E. – Turnbull Heating & Air
Beverly D. – Red Osier
Bill H. – Apex Auto
Bonnie H. – Waters Basement
Calvin C. – Apex Auto
Carol B. – Terry Hills
Carol C. – Black Buggy
Carolyn G. – Pat’s Radiator
Carrie (Betty) M. – Davis Trailer World
Cathy D. – Callan Contracting
Chanel & Caleb B. – M&G Seamless Gutters
Christine B. – Elegant Touch Stained Glass
Dale D. – Dirty Chores
Dawn A. – Conrad’s
Dawn M. – Star Pest Control
Deb T. – Waters Basement
Debra R. – Ken’s Pizza Corner
Demaris P. – Davidson Shoes
Denise C. – Lima Carpet
Diane C. – Sherman Barber Co
Donna T. – Trathen
Dorothy A. – Grape Lakes Family Dental
Elke M. – Conrad’s
Ellen T. – Corby’s Collision
Erika U. – Cinquino’s Pizzeria
Erin K. – Star Pest Control
Fae B. – Rochester Gravel Products
Frederia P. – Geneseo Hardware
Frederick B. – Shell’s Post
Gary T. – Red Osier
Helen F. – Wescott Motors
Hunter F. – Briggs Tire & Farm Service
Irene L. – Dogwood Floral
Jacqueline A. – Apex Auto
Jan E. – Tony Pepperoni
Jane A. – Rooster’s Pub & Pizza
Jennifer L. – Stagecoach Service
Joan M. – McManus Roofing
John G. – Rauber’s
Judith W. – Bob’s Family Furniture
Judy K. – Bob’s Family Furniture
Julie O. – Roy Butler
June A. – McManus Roofing
Kate D. – McManus Construction
Kathie M. – Caldwell’s Custom Concrete
Kathryn C. – Rochester Gravel Products
Kathy A. – Partyka/Farmer’s Table
Kristen G. – Terry Hills
LaNora T. – Max Pies
Laura E. – Chesley’s Auto
Laura S. – Clar’s Collision
Laurie C. – Michael Carroll’s Pottery & Craft Gallery
Laurie W. – Extreme Lawncare
Lawrence T. – Ficarella’s Pizzeria
Linda B. – Worztman Furniture
Linda B. – Rochester Gravel Products
Linda M. – Davidson Shoes
Linda S. – Advent Auto
Linda T. – Trathen
Lisa H. – Florence’s Perpetual Estate Sale
Marietta D. – Apex Auto
Marleah W. – PC & Wireless
Martie G. – Lima Carpet
Marty N. – Davis Trailer World
Mary H. – Chesley’s Auto
Mary Lynn C. – Max Pies
Mary T. – Waters Basement
Maxine F. – Avon Animal Hospital
Melissa E. – Kinship Construction
Michelle L. – Callan Contracting
Michelle S. – Rochester Gravel Products
Mike B. – Kinship Construction
Mike D. – Cinquino’s Pizza
Mike R. – Vonglis Enterprises
Molly R. – PC & Wireless
Nancy D. – Waters Basement
Nancy F. – Mack of All Trades
Nancy H. – Bicycle Outfitters
Nancy J. – Bob’s Family Furniture
Nancy T. – Do Rite Painting (Fratelli’s card)
Pamela C. – Davidson Shoes
Patric D. – Rochester Gravel Products
Rachel M. – Davidson Shoes
Richard G. – Lala
Robert E L. – Advent Auto
Roxanne C. – Palermo’s Auto Works
Sandy J. – Professional Hearing
Scott C. – Tony Pepperoni
Shari P. – JA Bilger
Shari R. – Professional Hearing
Sharon F. – PC & Wireless
Sherry P. – Caldwell’s Custom Concrete
Shirley T. – Outback Farm Market
Sue C. – JA Bilger
Susan S. – The North Bee
Susan V. – Turnbull Heating & Air
Sylvia K. – Freedom Flower Boutique
Thelma M. – JA Bilger
Thomas M. – PC & Wireless
Velva N. – Walking in the Woods
William D. – Rooster’s Pub & Pizza
Yvonne H.– Mack of All Trades