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1. Affected: Affect is a verb; effect is a noun.

2. Allusions: An Allusion is an indirect reference; an illusion is something perceived that is not real.

3. Among: Among refers to three or more persons/things; between refers to two persons/things.

4. Take: Take suggests movement away from the speakers; bring suggests movement towards them.

5. Compliment: A compliment is a kind remark; to complement is to complete or add to.

6. Counsel: Counsel is wise advice; a council is a governing group.

7. Dessert: Dessert is usually a sweet treat.; a desert is a dry, barren land area.

8. Feint: To feint is to make a false or deceptive move; to faint is to lose consciousness suddenly.

9. Farther: Farther refers to increased distance; further refers to increased degree, quantity or time.

10. Less, Fewer: Use less for something that cannot be counted and fewer for something that can.

11. Stationary: Stationary items cannot be moved; stationery items include paper and envelopes.

12. Healthful: Healthful defines things which create health; healthy to those which possess health.

13. Emigrate: Emigrate is used when referring to the country one left; immigrate when referring to the country one entered.

14. As: When as is used as a subordinating conjunction and introduces a subordinating clause; when like is used as a preposition, it must be followed by a noun, pronoun or noun phrase.

15. Wares: Wares are goods or items; to wear is to carry like clothing on one’s body or to erode.

16. Seem: To seem is to appear to be; a seam is a where two pieces are joined.

17. Cite, Site, Sight: Cite is to quote; a site is a position or location; sight is seeing as in eyesight.

18. Veins: Vain can mean worthless or full of one’s self; a vein can refer to a blood vessel or a mineral deposit.

19. Waist: A waist is one’s middle just below the stomach; waste means garbage as a noun. Waste is also to squander or to wear away when used as a verb.

20. Right: a moral or legal entitlement to have or obtain something or to act in a certain way.

0-5: Novice; 6-10: Learner; 11-15: Word Whiz; 16-20: Walking Dictionary

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